Wednesday, December 21, 2011

motivate Art- Co producing with celebrity makeup artist D'angelo Thompson

I've known celebrity makeup artist D'angelo Thompson for several years.  Always such a pleasure and a giver, I find myself sharing my Self with him.  I am a reticent person most times, choosing to share information guardedly but there is something about this person, his energy, his spirit that seems open and without judgement.  And so to go into business for myself and have the opportunity to work together with him, co producing his seminars and events is a pleasure.  His willingness to give business advice and to mentor inevitably encourages me to be better, smarter.  He also reminds me to stay in line with positivity, that there are many ways to win but HOW you win matters even more.  

And so I'm proud to announce one of our newest ventures together- Stay tuned!

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