Monday, October 24, 2011

The Game

I am enjoying choosing the Light, choosing Positive Energy, choosing Purpose.

"Employee"!  I've always had an adverse reaction to being defined as "an employee'.  Mostly I cant stand that the word even accompanies my name, like a tag stitched into my Life Jacket.  I have enjoyed freelancing for so many years and liked the freedom that is self imposed whenever I chose a job understanding that there would be a beginning, a middle and an end.  Still an employee but without the demands  of having to engage in office politics or laughing at the boss's corny jokes.  I felt that my work spoke for me and I was being hired because of my reputation of being a hard worker, able to stay unnerved during chaos and confident in my ability to deliver.

So funny that now I coach creatives who freelance that laughing at the boss's corny joke, hanging out with the crew after the shoot and occasional  banter with the crew is necessary probably even more necessary than being a hard worker who can deliver.  Yes, you have to be able to "bring it", no matter what but in these times where many are jobless accepting short term employment and "freelancing", we are all in a competitive market , all squirrels trying to get that nut. No one is really "free" in the "freelance" game anymore.

So I stand in the place of being grateful to be an Employee, while I build this business, motivateArt. Still crawling but working hard to stand to running, I appreciate and am motivated by my need to create and develop and grow but I am also grateful for the support my job brings, (aka that cheese that pays the bills)lol.

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