Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pushing through- social media networking at its best

Yeah, I'm pushing through.  It's really great to have found my Purpose, truly the thing, the quality and characteristics I've had all my life is now MY PURPOSE, MY PASSION.  I just finally realized that what I do so naturally is what I'm SUPPOSED to be doing all he time.  There is no turning back now. Free time is spent gathering contacts, researching possibilities, tweeting,blogging, facebooking.

For some of my younger clients who are born into this age of media networking and use it only to speak of what they're  going to do with their partners or occasional smart commentary on politics or the news, they are not using this tool to their business advantage.  I tell them that there was a time you would have to pay thousands of dollars to equal the amount of free exposure you can get on the internet.

Whooo, it is tiring though.  Every moment spent to reinvent and be included and be seen and noticed. Hell I'm hoping to be "followed"lol I work all of my free time wanting to be followed.  Wow.
Yet a pool of like minded people/fans/friends following me is cool but I want to generate ideas, be titillated by their posts, be stimulated to action.  In the meantime, I have to try my hardest to do the same!

Did Facebook start this phenomenon of obsessive connectivity or Twitter?  I am obsessed with having you think I'm interesting enough to read my blog, find my tweet cute and appealing and most of all I want you to buy my services.  Isn't this whole thing about selling yourself?
For those who are  not trying to drive traffic to their website or to inform about their business, what is it all about? I guess we're all deciding to be relevant for however it serves us best.  Maybe I don't have 400 facebook "friends" but I'm praying for 400 "followers"!! I'm relevant, I swear!!!!

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