Sunday, July 22, 2012

Let’s just jump right into it. Its Self Evaluation time!


Let’s just jump right into it.  Its Self Evaluation time!
Yes, I said it.  Gulp.  Time to look at yourself intensely and uncomfortably.  I don’t mean in the mirror (vainy!). I mean internally. Introspectively.  I self evaluate CONSTANTLY.
It can be quite trying and occasionally debilitating because I obsess which sometimes slows me from being in action.  But most of the time checking in to my core is healing.

For Artists self-evaluation can be the motivation to create,
to re-center, to question, and to affirm.

I’m always thinking about- Am I where I want to be in my career? Have I plateaued?  What’s my next step?  Do I feel satisfied or is there more? What else can I create?

You’re probably constantly thinking about the answers to those questions. It is what probably brought u to this site, exploring the possibility to join a community of like-minded artists, maybe find the answers to some of these questions. You are more than likely a seeker, pursuing and making yourself available to the next opportunity. Write down your own questions and at the end of every day or once every week, or once every month, evaluate some of those questions.
Self-evaluating makes you accountable to yourSelf.

But don’t go crazy about some of the questions you just can’t answer.  It means you’re not there yet.  Answers come when you are ready to receive them.

For instance, the question- “Are you where you want to be in your career?” It’s so simple to answer.  How do you feel?  I mean how do you feel when you’re creating your art, doing your craft? If you are feeling joy, exuberant, contentment, satiated yet hungry to continue, peace, then I think you are happy and love your present moment.  You are growing at the speed you are comfortable with.  If you are feeling dull, unsettled, discontent, resentment, lethargic, pissed off, ummm well, there’s work to be done.

For me, the desire to transform is intrinsic to my nature.   I get jittery, a little nutty, unhappy, and grouchy if I am not in action, or not seeking more and more ways to express my self, create Art. And the yuckiest part is I become negative.  If the job I'm in becomes unsatisfying I start kvetching about how stupid everyone is, how disorganized and ridiculous the company’s business structure is, and I find myself talking to myself!  Constantly repeating, “I’ve got to get outta here” under my breath while I type away!

So I’ve learned to self evaluate- to honor mySelf. To pay attention to my own signs. The way I feel.  To check in to -What do I want?
Now if you are ok where you are and with who you are, salud.  But if not, then your next step is asking yourself, what am I willing to do to become happy, to create more, to be more?

An Artist is compelled to create so even if you’re stuck in a corporate job or took a job to make ends meet, you will have found time to do the things that make you unbelievably happy when you’re doing them.  I am realistic; sometimes you just have to do what you have to do, assume responsibilities that may take us off our artistic path, there’s births, deaths, and just LIFE.  You are not on an island by your self so I know that often we give up our art to deal with life.  But don’t. 

If you are self-evaluating, you are self honoring, and you will be drawn to fulfilling yourSelf.
I said it before Artists are COMPELLED to create. 

Here are a few more questions to think about-
1.     What did I create today?
2.     When is the last time I created and am I ok with that?
3.     Do I feel stuck?
4.     Are there people who can help me?
5.     Am I ready to do the work?
6.     Am I ready to be who I think I am?

There’s more:)
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