Tuesday, January 22, 2013

2013. Change! An Action not just a Concept. motivateArt

2013. Change! An Action not just a Concept. motivateArt

As a creative consultant, I often also am a life and career coach for my clients.  My goal is always to help steer, guide and help manifest the dreams of the people I work with.  My daily interactions and how I interact reveals my own inner issues and demons.  

What do we have to do to achieve our goals?  
Dream.  Plan. Manifest.  Somewhere between the planning and manifesting I believe the heavy work of   CHANGING begins.  Its easy to dream, easy to desire. It's hard to settle down and make the fantasy a reality. That's where change begins.  

Following your dream- I'm sure you've seen your favorite celebrity say "follow your dreams".  As if the dream will lead you towards it, beckoning you like a sultry lover. Uhhh No!  Your dream remains intangible unless you change it.  The decision to realize the dream is a conscious one and it's a commitment to work.  Yeah. WORK.

Planning- Planning can be so damn hard!!  Creative people sometimes have the hardest time planning, buckling down.  They have great ideas and just want the freedom and space to create but setting goals and planning how to achieve them can be hard.  Well how do you build your brand, build your business, hell how do you get through a busy day without planning??  If you're just winging it and dealing with things as they come then I'm pretty sure there are many projects undone and many goals unrealized. 

I've heard it said and I admit to saying it sometimes too- "That's just not my thing", "that's not my strong suit", "that's just not how I do things", or "I can't". Being resistant to change is self defeating.  If someone you trusted more than anything, who is successful, a go getter, a winner said- You have to plan to achieve your goals, wouldn't you CHANGE your I can'ts and I don'ts to I wills?

You will not manifest your dreams if you don't have a strategy.  In the planning stage I see it in my clients and myself- some of our inner poop rises to the service- our resistance to doing things differently, the fear of success, how lazy we really are, the fear of redefining ourselves.  And once you start dealing with that poop, all the deeper poop shows up too!! 

We often give up during the planning stage.  It's uncomfortable, it's taxing and exhausting.  The choices   are to face it and CHANGE or not because without CHANGE you will not achieve your goals.

Manifestation-Bringing into realization.
After planning, there has to be action behind it.  You have to DO the plan, WORK the plan.  For me, action is a physical force and an energy force. CHANGE creates a different energy, an alternate energy to what has been consistent.  All energy manifests. All action manifests.  Negative energy like negative action creates negative energy and negative reaction. Thus positive CHANGE towards manifestation can only create positive energy and positive reaction.

Start planning. Keep dreaming but start planning.  There's going to be a few speed bumps in your way. These speed bumps are probably you getting in your own way.  Get the poop bucket out and sit down, CHANGE is coming:)


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