Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Industry tips from the Beauty and Fashion Career Seminar with Celeb Makeup Artist D'angelo Thompson!

Some  of the most talented representatives in the Beauty and Fashion Industries  were panelists at the Kick Start Your Career in the Beauty  & Fashion  Industry seminar,   the first in a series of beauty seminars co-produced by motivateArt  with 
Esthesia Productions.

Hair Artist Hadiiya Barbel, Wardrobe Stylist Desiree Konian, Photographer Ezequiel de la Rosa and Celebrity Makeup Artist  D'angelo Thompson, spoke candidly about their careers , the highs and lows and gave tips on how to stay motivated throughout the experience.

On the differences between the beauty and fashion industries a few years ago and now-
Wardrobe Stylist Desiree Konian-  
There isn't any more room to be a diva.  The day of the Diva is OVER! What matters is your skill set and your personality. 

Hair Artist Hadiiya Barbel
The way you start out in these industries is so important.  When I was starting out and even now, who ever I met I thought, how can I take this relationship further, how can I stand out and be remembered?

Celeb Makeup Artist D'angelo Thompson revealed some of the challenging moments in his career including dealing with temperamental photographers and makeup artists. 
-Never lose your cool! Always be professional and maintain your composure.

On how to deal with rejection, Fashion Photographer Ezequiel de la Rosa offered his thoughts- 
Look at your self as a product.  If you don't fit this job, you may be the right fit for another.  Take everything in stride.  

When Ezequiel de la Rosa, whose career  started as a makeup artist and hair stylist and who has worked all around the world including Rome and Italy, was asked by one of the attending makeup artists- what do agencies look for? 
His advice- Agencies want beautiful make up. How do you get there? Research.  Look at magazines, emulate the images you see and bring your flavor to it!

One of the attending artists exposed her lack of confidence and wondered how the panelists deal with rejection.
Hadiiya Barbel quickly responded, encouraging her to use critiques as a guide. She mentioned that some criticism is actually valid and should be taken in stride.  Confidence comes from within but to aid in affirming yourself as an artist, Hadiiya suggests always taking pictures of your work and looking at your progression.  Pay attention to your own growth.

All in all the seminar served to inform and affirm.  The attendees were artists, stylists and models at various points in their careers needing some insight into the industry and having talented expertise to tap into was awesome.

D'angelo Thompson used a phrase that is so powerful, when discussing how to overcome fear- say yes! Say yes to what you fear the most.  There is nothing like The Power of Yes!

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