Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Maintaining The Momentum 2012

Is it a consensus that 2012 is about action?  Most of the people I work with all have the same feeling that this year is about manifesting, staying in action, maintaining the momentum.  Momentum is the 

the impetus of a body resulting from its motion; driving power or strength.
Maintaining the motion, the driving power and strength are crucial to me, crucial for motivateArt.  I can feel the ripple
effect my energy has, not only physically as in I work more and sleep less now to manifest motivateArt into its full potential but also the energy of faith and belief in the inevitable success of motivateArt because how could hard work not breed and manifest success?

SO I stay in the momentum, I
encourage the velocity to stay at high speed because there is no turning back, no more options.  I do not give my mind or spirit the room to question or falter.
And because I move this way, I have begun to attract
opportunity to me.  Yes I seek it out but I also receive it as it comes.  Because I am the master of the momentum, I also decide where to place my energy and who and what I choose to exert my energy with. 

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