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motivateArt interviews Special Effects Artist Michele Mulkey!

is always curious and intrigued by what moves an artist.  As a creative person, I know the feeling to create, to design, to manifest drives me and has been the catalyst for me to work with other creative people.  Art is music, makeup, photography, food, tattoos, film, design, painting, architecture...where ever creative vision is manifested. Michele Mulkey's art is often bloody and horrific but always compelling.  I wanted to know more about this artist.

What motivAtes you…Michele Mulkey?

With an impressive 12+year career as a SFX Makeup Artist and Prop Maker, motivateArt was curious about what keeps this talented and humble artist turned on by her art?

The Passion of The Christ, Charmed, The Chronicles of Riddick, Blood Junkies, Law and Order, Jason Patric, Denzel Washington, Christine Lahti, Jennifer Tilly, are just a few production and talent credits under Michele’s belt.

And now a random left turn has her working for Lighthouse Management Solutions on a project for the U.S Department of Defense!  While visiting her parent’s home and upon the urging of her mother, Michele answered a small job posting looking for a sfx makeup artist.  The job turned out to be not so small and her most recent credit is as the current Director of Live Action Event for the military base.  Not only is Michele’s talent as a makeup artist utilized but her prosthetics are used during Department of Defense military exercises. 

While listening to Michele speak about her journey to now I was impressed by her humility and passion.  She has become an entrepreneur, a natural segue from freelance makeup artist to business owner.   Creating prosthetics for film and TV productions and understanding the void on the east coast for custom made prosthetics at a competitive price, Michele started, where prosthetics are custom made for each order.  She is also the co creator of, which provides Cosplayers worldwide with cutting edge special effects make-up and custom prosthetics bringing the world of Anime to life.

mA- Glad to be chatting with you Michele. motivateArt wants to know, what motivates you?

MM- There is an intense need in me to create.   Artists HAVE to create. There is a compulsion that can’t be denied.

mA- But there can just be but so many different types of bullet holes and scars you can create, aren’t there?

MM- You would think so but every job is a challenge.  No matter how many times you’ve done a job, every job is new.  No script is the same, no scene is exactly the same, so the makeup needs will also be different in subtle or not so subtle ways.

mA- What is the goal for you when you are designing or creating prosthetics?

MM- How realistic can it be, can I make it be.  I get so excited at the final result when I’ve created something so real but it isn’t.

mA- What makes you happy?

MM- When clients or friends are a little grossed out and sickened when they look at one of my pieces or my application.  Crazy feeling to be happy when someone’s like- “I can’t even look , I want to vomit”!

mA-You mentioned that every job is a challenge.  How?

MM- Well, on a film/TV shoot it starts with the script and the director having an idea, a vision of what he or she imagines on the screen.  It’s my job to make that vision real or as close to what is imagined as possible. From concept to application, there is constant trouble shooting, coming up with new ways to problem solve. 

mA-  From owning your own company to having a growing social media presence. How do you feel about your growing success?

MM-I am shocked that things are going this way.  I have the opportunity to travel , to create, having my own effects shop was always a dream.

mA- What’s next for you?

MM- More projects- College Humor, State Farm, prosthetics for the 2013 movie release “Black Rock with actress Kate Bosworth…

mA- Is there a new goal?  A new motivation?

MM- Absolutely! I’m excited about this new year. Of course I am grateful and looking forward to more film and TV projects. The world of Anime is new to me but people are excited about my prosthetics and sfx makeup bringing their characters to life.  I want to grow my business more, gain more customers and clients, and in time hire more people to be part of this industry that is so thrilling and rewarding to me.

mA- Thank you!  And motivateArt is looking forward to working together in the near future.

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